Simple, one single centralised employee directory.

IBM’s BluePage’s is probably well known.  It holds information on everyone of us and anyone with an IBM id can take a look, search, or even use the data as a service for other apps, such as Beehive or BlueTwit.  It is also our duty to maintain some of the information ourselves, for example, if you want to be a mentor or looking for a mentor.  You can add in awards you have won, a bio, a CV, manage your skills.


Without such a directory work could be impossible in a large company – let alone trying to implement some sort of social media.  It’s no use having directories for each country or business unit.  All you do then is restrict the pool of talent available to others.

When you put tools like Lotus Connections and Atals over the top of that directory it starts to make even more sense. People connect with people – not data, ok may be some strange sorts prefer data.

How you find and get to those people, especially the ones you don’t know exist yet has never been so important.