Image: Andy Piper

A while ago I was asked if I would go to Denmark for a few weeks to help out colleagues there with getting to grips with social media in internal communications.

Looking at some national stats Denmark is a bit an odd case, it has huge Internet penetration yet one of the lowest participation in blogging and social media sites.  From a company point of view I don’t think it is a great deal different – obviously Internet penetration is 100%.

I was talking with my Taiwanese wife about this, why would a seemingly happy and trusting country like Denmark have such a low take up of i media?  Why on the other-hand are the asian cultures so into social media? My wife often said that in Taiwan people were not as open as in the UK, yet they are crazy bloggers, even mums who blog about their kids on specific sites like

Taiwanese are very social people, always going out and eating, eating and going out.  From what I heard the Danes are somewhat similar, may be when it’s colder they stay in and eat?

So what makes a culture so keen on social media?  Is it the happiness that is a signal to Danes love for doing things face to face?  Or is there something else that means Taiwanese are unusually prolific bloggers?

So at the end of the week I’ll be in Copenhagen to eat rye bread, herring and try to get a few more Danes at work blogging.

Stats: Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3