Due to a situation at the weekend we were forced to make a decision on the name of our new baby.  It’s about time as we were procrastinating and she could have been called baby.

In the end we got down to a short list of three and after one or two other “signs” we made the selection.  We never had this trouble with Phoebe… we just picked it and agreed.

We named her Zoe Maia (pronounced MY-ah).  I hope she likes it as we all do.  Zoe means life and was the name of several Byzantine empresses.  Maia is the godness of spring and the month of May is named after her. In Greek mythology, she was the eldest of the Pleiades, the most beautiful and shyest. She is also the goddess of fields. In a cave of Cyllene, Maia became by Zeus the mother of the god Hermes.

I can now take back all the books to the library and delete all the knowledge of name meanings from my brain hard drive.