IBM has released into the wild a web 2.0 peer-to-peer learning service.

Pass It Along is a Web-based service for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange. It enables anyone to package their expertise into topics, which can then be “passed on” to others. Over time, an informal community of content contributors, experts, and learners develops around these topics.

Unlike a traditional learning management system, this tool doesn’t require a score of learning experts that just create learning packages since content is produced by the users themselves.

A simple example of something that a user would create is post a topic that would just be a presentation they gave at a conference or to a group of fellow employees. As more and more people post similar items the topics get formed into Knowledge Paths and so a community of people form around certain subjects. Learners can ask questions to the experts and so the cycle goes on.

Read more and give it a go on alphaWorks.