Today is World Climate Day and as part of that IBM and IBMers are joining in.

Locations are serving meals sourced locally, getting people to sign up for the London Cycle to Work Challenge and sharing advice on how to reduce carbon.

“CO2: Kick the habit!” is the tag line for this years climate day.

On the back of this IBM will be advertising how companies not only need to say that they are taking the issue seriously but it will be a competitive advantage to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage.  Doesn’t really need pointing out in my mind but of course I’m an individual not a business.

Having said this and working inside IBM the amount of work at an individual level around green is staggering.  One example of this is Andy Standford-Clark and his house that twitters and the work he is doing on Current Cost meters.  You can listen to Andy on a podcast he recently did with Automated Home once it gets published later today.