This week in London we will see fuel protests over the current price, with protesters asking the government not to go ahead with a 2p tax increase on petrol later this year, which all seems a drop in the ocean when prices seem to go up by 2p every day.

Sooner or later we will all have to face up to higher fuel prices, even if we find more gas and oil under the arctic we can’t go on burning fossil fuels the way we are if we are going to survive as a species on this planet. Don’t worry about the planet – that will go on fine once we annihilate ourselves in this crazy race of life.

I would think all the protesters would be better off looking at ways they can be smarter about the fuel they use and look for alternatives to transport goods or retraining than wasting time trying to save 2p a litre.

Fuel prices will of course increase the price of everything we buy which seems the obvious incentive to everyone to reduce consumption and become a bit greener, then the Conservatives come out with a crazy idea for individual carbon allowances – a process in itself will create a huge increase in the use of valuable resources.

We either decide to save the environment so we can live on this planet or we keep economic activity growing the way it is and face, if not extinction in the not too distant future, then a serious change to the current situation.

We also have fishermen on strike over the cost of diesel today all over Europe. Governments that at one time talked about green issues are looking at ways to keep this old economy going.