Bike Radar have already mentioned this but I have just been to Aldi to pick up some cycling clothes at stupid prices. I’ve missed these sales twice before.

Now Aldi and Lidl have their critics, some say the equipment is “crap.” Of course, Bradley Wiggins is hardly going to pop down to either shop and pick up a pair of shorts, but then again he doesn’t have to. The great thing about these outlets (and Tesco to a lesser extent) is that they make this gear accessible to those that wouldn’t normally go into a bike shop.

I picked up 2 pairs of shorts, 1 top, 2 pairs socks, 3 pairs of gloves for £32 – last year I bought a pair of shorts for £20 in a well known cycling chain store – you work it out and on close inspection between the shorts I got in Aldi and those last year, they look incredibly similar, right down to the coolmax insert and grips on the legs.

Only a couple of months ago I picked up a pair of cycling shoes in Lidl for £14. I cycle a fair bit but didn’t want to spend £40 or £50 on a pair of shoes plus whatever for new pedals. I have to say I’m really pleased with them.

Fine, if you want to stick to your Specialized gear at 4 times the price, good luck to you. For the masses this represents a real bargin and a way to get people back on bikes and out of cars.