This way to HackDay5 (Andy Piper)With Forrester Research telling everyone they are going to be spending billions on social networking and mashups in the next 5 years it was great timing that yesterday (April 25th) was IBM HackDay v5.

The event runs for 24 hours rolling across the globe and this time took in more than 300 teams.

Internally it got more coverage than we managed to previously. Not only did we get the top slot on w3 but we also had a hacked w3 logo. Whatever the success of the hacks that people developed the awareness of the event has gone way beyond anything before.

“This time everyone hacks” has been a tag line for the event with an increasing number of people coming up with non-programming hacks and we had Radio HackDay thanks to the guys in Dublin, which consisted of interviews with hackers and music written and performed by IBMers… it truly was the soundtrack to the day and so awesome.

See some photos from HackDay 5.