This year Ragan Communications are holding their Employee Communications Summit in London this year (June 4-6).

This is a great conference for communications professionals which covers hot topics, like social media, by IBM’s very own, Ethan McCarty. In fact there is quite a lot about on-line communications, from intranet redesign to social media and engagement and video podcasting.

I would love to go to this but not sure I will at the moment as we expecting a baby round that time, however, if you are interested I can pass on your name to the conference Director, who may be able to help you on the price – I can’t guarantee anything.

We are used to the likes of Meclrum so it would be nice to see this from what I think are an American outfit although many of the companies are British based, such as the keynote by BT on – you guessed it – intranet. I so want to go.

The summit is actually on 2 days, with a pre-summit workshop….. well before it. Not sure what is in that.