That is my job for the next year.  Getting employees, partners, clients and influencer’s interested in innovation.  To be precise much of it will be about telling our communications story… that’s employee communications not telephones.

IBM is way ahead in using new media and social networking tools to enable employees to connect, collaborate and communicate themselves.  Our Media Library, hosts podcasts, videos and the like, has 14000 items and had getting on for 5 million downloads.  The vast majority of those are not produced by the communications function but by regular employees creating and communicating with their communities.

On our blogging site, BlogCentral, we have 42,500 users. How is this helping? Building virtual teams and communities all over the place, making connections and links that would never had happened because most of us wouldn’t pick up the phone to a random person 4000 miles away to chat about LPARS or marketing strategy.  Like mobile phones, we wonder how we got by without them.

Something we borrowed from Yahoo! Hack Day is also kicking off again and provides a great opportunity for us now to get a vast array of people involved in innovation and development that would otherwise not know how…. possibly finding a few great little apps or offering.

Some exciting stuff as usual to happen this year and I haven’t even started on Wimbledon yet.