There is something about inner tubes, they don’t blow for ages then you get two go within hours.

Last night I was checking the pressure when the inner tube gave up around the valve, obviously a place it can wear.  Changed tube at 10:30 last night then checked it again this morning – all fine.

Going down St Helier Way towards Morden – Oh this feels odd, back wheel is swerving all over the place – it was a lump of glass.  Anyway, patched it up in a couple of minutes.  Thankfully it was only cold and not raining.

Stopped off at Evans in Clapham, I have memorised where all the bike shops are on the way to work, and bought another inner.  I’m not expecting this one to last very long, no real reason, just feel it won’t.

In office now and my word it is dull today – well the people in are dull.  Usual people staying at home today by the looks of it, will have to see if others are around to save my sanity.

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