Thought I had posted this externally but hadn’t – my ten years was on 6th October.

My official 10 year anniversary is today.

I joined back in 1996 as a contractor working in Greenford, UK as a CustomPac builder, making software packs for OS/390.  After pretending to know what I was doing for a few months I got a break looking after the database and away from the humdrum of day-to-day pac building.  While there I started to realise there was something called the intranet and a bit more about the Internet. And within a year I was made an IBMer.

After setting up a local intranet site I thought that some sort of communications job was where I would be better suited.  As it happened the department was shedding jobs in 2000 and my manager at the time found me a job going in Marketing Communications working for Alan Flack, that also involved some internal comms.  I spent 5 great years in Marcomms, event managing, Internet managing, client references, case studies and lead in Communications sector….until the sectors were re-assigned and I had another change.

2005 I went into GTS Communications in to a webmaster role I had previously done part time in Marcomms.  It was a chance to get back into things I really liked as my job had moved more and more towards spreadsheet and presentation donkey over the years – a more hands on approach seemed appealing.

Not long after GTS Comms got merged into UK Comms where I find myself today.

Overall it has been 10 years of ups and downs.  Sometimes very exciting and others (to be honest) incredibly depressing.  But after the first 5 years I realised one thing.. no matter how you feel today about what you do, or indeed what you do, it will change sooner or later.  I wouldn’t have stayed for 10 years at any other company – indeed had 4 jobs before I came to IBM. 

This last year although full of huge changes has brought me the most rewards (and awards: three Thanks!- two Bravos – one ThinkPlace) and I certainly feel this is where I am best suited and enjoy the variety of things I get involved in from podcasts, blogging and videos to planning and migration of intranet sites to ODW, so much so that I have never been asked so often to tell people what I am doing and how I did it – that is a real reward.

Also with the advent of blogging and the like I’ve been able to link up with some amazing people in this company that have expanded my horizons, inspired and influenced me to be better at what I do.

I’d like to say thanks to all those people I have meet along the way and made life here more interesting.  And finally good luck and big thanks to Angus Day, who left IBM to be a teacher.

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