Yesterday Andy Piper and I went to the 2nd European Blogging Summit in London.  Indeed Andy did a fine job as the first speaker.

Apart from being in a very hot room (what news) the gathering was actually quite enjoyable from a personal view. That basically equates to I know more than I thought I did and much more than many people that attended.  This was confirmed when Robin Hamman (BBC), the chairman for the morning mentioned Technorati, and everyone wrote it down for reference. The scene was set.

My two fav speakers, apart from Andy of course and Robin, we’re Oxfam and Headshift.

Oxfam because it is great to see a large organisation moving so quickly and trying out new things and having such a positive attitude in doing them.  Sure they understand the risks and pitfalls but they realise that they need to harness technology and go with the flow.  If it doesn’t work, nevermind.  Perhaps they are in a lucky position being a charity. I don’t know.

Some of you may know Headshift, this is the first I had heard of them, the guy next to us was from Nesta and was/is a client.  Well the Headshift talk pretty much followed the way we work and the way we think – there were some elements about intranets that didn’t reflect my view but I could see where he was coming from. 

There was a lawyer presenting from Covington – looking at the handouts it was a touch negative – but his delivery was more realistic about the whole thing and was probably covering bum more than anything (as they do).

On reflection the audience (which could have been bigger) showed the varying levels of understanding and belief in social networking tools, not just blogging, that you see on the street.  It was never going to shake the world or say a great deal new but it was good to see the variations played out by the presenters.

I think we still have a long way to go before corporate get this.

Thanks and well done to Andy… he has also written a more in depth account.

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