My bike pannier courtesy of IBM has turned up and very nice it is too.

Haven’t used it yet as I’m working from home today but it looks the biz and will stop my laptop from jumping all over the place and allow me to get at things such as keys, badge and wallet that I don’t carry on me when riding.

I got the cotton duck version, not convinced by the Cordura.

There are some minor Trade Description Act infringements here:

  • No 3M reflectors, instead silver reflective paint (which will no doubt wear off)
  • Straps not leather (actually a good thing)
  • Clips plastic not metal (probably not so good.

Apart from that it is a very nice bag and it says Priscilla made mine! 

I like the way the handle is held together with a great big bit of wood and two screws – not subtle but very effective and easy to replace, like an old Morris Minor 🙂

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