OK I’ve signed up for the Hovis Freewheel in London on 23rd Sept.  But I have seen plenty of people saying why?  Just give us bike lanes.

Could there be a reason for this event other than to inflate Ken’s already large ego?

A national study by the Transport Research Laboratory indicates that 38% of non-cyclists worry that friends would laugh at them for cycling (TRL 2001). Many people see cycling as eccentric, heroic, socially unacceptable or of limited relevance.

Of course cyclists don’t tend to think this way, but some also see that cycling has a low social status (between you and me the better off you are the more likely you are to cycle.. strange, but true) so what is the answer?  Turn everyone into a cyclist.

Cycling Action Plan (.pdf)

Unless you convince more people and everyone sees more people cycling then there will not be the business case to build huge numbers of dedicated cycle lanes.

Events like Freewheel look to get people into cycling in a fun way – in fact the event really isn’t aimed at the committed cyclist, it’s all you people with a bike in the shed that needs a bit of WD40 and a good ride into town.

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