Had another good ride out at the weekend with Ping and Phoebe, this time along the Wandle Trail. This is a lovely trail that runs from Wallington to Wandsworth.

We picked up the route after cycling to Morden Hall Park and riding up past Deene City Farm and around Merton Abbey Mills.  Through some of the nature reserves in Wimbledon we went down what was nothing more than a single track but as lovely and quiet.

It took us just over an hour to get to Wandsworth and a quick look around the water front and the nice new apartments and boat houses you may have seen on Grand Design.

Then after a short shower we went up to Jen’s Cafe in China Town and then to play up at the Diana Memorial Garden for Phoebe.

In all we did about 32 miles and on the hill from Morden to Rose Hill on the way home it certainly felt like it – especially with 16kgs of daughter on the back – but keeps the legs in shape.

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