We finanlly got round to buying a couple of bikes, I wonder if jet skis would have been better in the weather right now.

Unless you do cycle you don’t realise how dangerous everything is.  I think I last cycled in about 1988 when I used to go to work in Wellingborough.  Now riding round Sutton it is a different matter.. more traffic, faster and less space.  I can certainly see why people don’t bother getting a bike – the streets aren’t that friendly.

The cycle network is good to know.  But they do have a habit of starting nowhere and ending nowhere.

When we were in Osaka cyclists had pretty much the run of the place, they can go on the roads but even better they can go on the pavement and have right of way, which means more people cycle and fewer people drive.

Thinking back to when I was 18 wanting my own car, until recently I’ve been wanting a bike.  Rather odd.

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