london tea companyAlways on the look out for something interesting in the way of tea and being a bit green I came across this from the London Tea Company (or as the packet says LTco) in my local Tesco. I love a cup of chai and this organic one looks great but the taste isn’t there.

I’ve had plenty of spiced tea from Indian friends to know what it should taste like and there are plenty of them out on the market. I’m not expecting a homemade sensation but a little something would be nice.. come on guys.

They say this is 100% organic, minimal and recyclable packaging (no glue), carbon neutral. Fantastic, but if I’m not getting the taste I want, no matter how long I brew it for I’m not going to shell out £2.40 for 25 bags again.

I might be tempted to try another one of the range but I won’t get this one again.

It’s a real shame as this is also a fair trade product – so it is about as Guardian pleasing as they come – but still tasteless.