went up into town on Saturday, something I haven’t done for ages.  Nearly always go on a Sunday.

A friend wanted to see the WestEnd Live event in Leicester square which was very busy but the rain and umbrellas made it a bit of pain.

In the end we went down to the Royal Festival Hall and walked along the South Bank to Gabriels Wharf for an iced coffee then up to Borough Market and Hays Galleria.

We also stopped at City Hall and watch the London Youth Dance event which was quite interesting.  I’m not a dance fan but it was great to see these kids doing something so productive and enjoying it.  It’s a long way from the sort of thing we may have done as kids as back then it was either sport or nothing.  Last year in Taipei we were walking along one of the underground malls and arrived at the end which had a big space in which loads of troops of kids were practicing dance moves.  This wasn’t something organised, it was just what these kids did at the weekend.  At the end of the day they would compete against each other.  I suppose it is another form of jumpers for goal posts for the X factor generation.