saturday morning I had just about had enough of the tonsillitis, it was getting more painful as one side of my throat got ever bigger.  I got up and made breakfast and was sitting, trying to read nursery rhymes to my daughter then got up for the thrid cup of tea (as that seemed to be soothing it somewhat.)

As I switched the kettle on there was a strange feeling in my neck, a release of pressure and a rather vile but glorious taste… whatever it was that was holding back the wall of pus had burst and the pain was gone (more or less).  I was so happy… the taste and smell from my mouth totally foul but the joy and relief was unbelievable.

I’d just spent the last 5 days sweating for England in bed, hardly eaten a thing and it was pretty much all over. the headaches, the earache, the constant stabbing in my throat, the endless waiting for the next batch of pain killers and the lump under my chin was getting smaller.

I was so excited on Saturday morning I went out looking at bikes instead of going to the hospital to plead they stab something in my neck to relieve the pressure.  However, I realised by 12 that I still wasn’t 100% as I collapsed in a sweaty, tired but happy heap on the bed.

I’ve never had tonsillitis like this before and hope I never do.