Well they claim it is 1.6 times faster than firefox and twice as fast as internet explorer.  That must have been on some mythical web page because since I have been using the new safari for xp beta, it hasn’t performed that well.

It crashes and as I’m writing this blog with it, it won’t allow me to create a link.  So I will have to code it myself. Apart from that I like the bookmarks and the feature to switch to rss views in the address bar.

One last thing though is it won’t allow me to scroll down on this IBM T60 using the scroll button in the UltraNav.Will keep playing with it I think but not sure it will replace FF just yet – but may for some special tasks it’s good at which I’m sure someone will tell me what they are.

(just read the above, I’m on too many painkillers – and this keeps losing it’s formatting when I publish it)