Pretty much, yes.

I think work and holidays just made it impossible to think about anything else.  Once I finish working I just cannot be asked to spend another minute on the pc, especially when my daughter is around and I can make play-doe sweets, paint flowers and generally make a mess.

One thing I have done is look at SecondLife, as my old laptop died, the temp replacement I go actually works in SL.  Apparently my T40 would have if only I had updated the drivers for the graphics card.. oh well, probably gave myself some extra time in real life.

So far my opinion of SecondLfe is, it’s ok, but it has a long way to go.  It appears to be a glorified web front end or chat room, nothing more.  OK if you start investing money you may get some sort of return but not everyone can…that is obvious.

The other thing has been an incredible pain in my right shoulder which has stopped me sleeping and generally made me feel terrible, grumpy and much older than I am.  Waiting to get to  the top of the physio list at the local hospital, by which time I’ll probably need an op.

Back taking the blue pills.. not so good.