That is basically all it took to bring Britain to a halt.  Not a typhoon, not a hurricane or even a tornado, it was a strong breeze.  Then all hell was let loose, as were loose walls, tiles, scaffolding and trees.  Perhaps if we did have  these more often then the weak walls and trees etc would all be blown over sooner and not all at once.

Saying that it was better than having to sit up all night emptying a bucket after bucket of water from yet another leak I found last night.  I don’t have some odd illness that compels me to make leaks around the house, certainly not to miss a whole nights sleep and start getting those slightly weird feelings and poor judgement it brings on.

The guy who did our boiler was in the area and came round to fix it as it was sort of to do with him – it shouldn’t have been but that is how these bloody flats are designed.  I can’t go into detail, I’m bored already.

The leaking tap was also fixed this morning – this time it was the fitting that was broken – just one of those things.

I shall now try to remain awake for the rest of this sent.,.;lc;la.cccccccccccccccccccsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccc,,,,,,,,,,,,cmm mc

wha.. wah.. w..w..w..w..w.. what time….  what time is it?