Monday mornings are not always good for many reasons, today was no exception.  Amazingly though this time I managed to maintain my composure and not throw a fit.

John, our “builder” said he couldn’t fit the oven because a pipe is in the way, although I have been telling him this for a while (and it is there on the wall for all to see) he has decided to ignore this problem until they have to do something about it…. hmm, planning is not a word he understands.

Thankfully one of the actual builders said he had his measurements wrong and that things could fit with a bit of digging into walls – the alternative is to put the water waste from the sink and washing machine into a drain which may only be a soad away, something I would rather check than just do.

Things seemed to have moved on, no-one has been stressed, John has gone for a lie down and I’m here typing, still a little worried over what will happen.

Tried to call the builder that the management company said knows the flats inside out but it appears he is either on hols, Christmas shopping or has his head in stuck under a bath (working) as I got no reply from his mobile.

No rush, it is only Christmas in 2 weeks, might be our first at the Holiday Inn.