This comment made me laugh on the BBC website by someone who didn’t like the idea that anyone could tell the daft geordie what tv he could have in his gold plated hovel… I didn’t know they had electric up north.

Who cares about how much power they consume? I know I don’t. It doesn’t matter what you do, there’s always somebody sticking their oar in, whinging about eco this and eco that. If they’re that concerned about it, why don’t they develop a TV that doesn’t use as much power. I have a 42″ Plasma, it’s switched off at the mains at night watched for 25 mins while I get ready for work and about 4 hours on an evening after my evening meal. The majority of people are not like these un-employed people who buy TV’s like this from credit companies and sit on their rears all day watching Trisha and eating pot noodles, pumping out children all year so they don’t have to work. I paid for my TV outright, I can buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it and use it how I see fit (within reason of course!)
Steven, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne