The bathroom is almost back to how it was – the only thing to do is finish a little tiling and put the shower up.  Then the stuff we had left over we can do with the help of our little friend and not pay £319 just to put a vanity unit/sink up.

We have been allowed to get a new kitchen, which was nice.  So we have that being put in.  Now as the kitchen is a bit of a squeeze I’m hoping they can get everything in but I will wait and see.. it makes me nervous just typing about it.  What will go wrong and what won’t be done how I want it to.

You talk to these guys and try to head off problems but they just say we will deal with it when we get to it.  Then moan that they have a problem the next day,  “You didn’t tell us about that,” they say, when you tried to just that.

I can’t believe how many days I have said where the sink goes.