The other night while still in Taiwan I woke up realising I couldn’t remember my Windows password.  Obviously my mind was thinking about coming home even though I wasn’t.

Not remembering my passwords is nothing new. Often though I leave a reminder for this is a place that I will see easily when I get home. Not this time though, with everything going on in the flat, passwords were not something I was thinking about – basically I wanted to get out of Dodge and away on my hols, asap.

So that morning (4am) I sat in bed a wrote out a list of words that I may have and have used in the past.  The second to last word was the correct one….how odd is that? Even though I was tired and decided I would be able to sleep it happened after I recovered the password.

OK, not the most thrilling thing to happen but the relief when I got home was fantastic and after trying all those other passwords.  The thought of re-building Windows and losing some data didn’t interest me at all. Especially as I probably have a 1000 emails to go through on Monday when I’m back at work.

At some point I will write about Japan but still to tired to bother.