The pot
Didn’t get round to the computer yesterday, went to bed at 9pm as I was so tired. Showered Phoebe and put her to bed, next thing I know it is morning.

Last night we had shabu-shabu for dinner, which is a pot of stock on top of a gas ring that you put on the table. Then you add various things to it as you want them, cooking as you eat. We had oysters, squid, prawns, pork and a load of fish based things.. not sure what they are but they are fishy (in a nice way) plus a load of sweet corn.

Today it is raining in Taipei as the end of a typhoon is washing over the area. It is now a tropical storm but that still means a fair amount of water.

Later we will be off to the airport to fly to Japan for 4 and a bit days. We will be staying in Osaka and surrounding area called the Kansai region which includes Kobe and Kyoto.

Chances are that I won’t be online again while we are there so this will be my last post for a little while.