Nice pyjamasPing and I had a day to ourselves today.

We went for a Thai massage this morning in Taoyuan, which lasted 2 hours – the time flew past. It was good value I think, only NT$999 each. I didn’t realise that they actually do walk on you.. thought that was just the movies. Anyway, I would go every month at this price and the setting was superb – they have done a great job on the interior design.

Afterwards we went for a meal at a (Taiwanese) Japanese restaurant. One thing that surprised me was the Japanese yam, looked and tasted just like a potato!

Little later we went to a spa where you can get a room with a big big whirlpool bath, steam-room, and shower, plus a massive tv screen should you need it. That was great for a couple of hours but it made me sleepy and getting the train home was the last thing I wanted to do.

A-Gong and PhoebeAnyway we had a great time and when we got back we found Phoebe was at the gym with a-ma. When she got back and saw us she did go a little crazy and ran in shouting ma-ma, ba-ba, which was really nice. Now she is fast asleep after having a second dinner. That girl can eat.

Not sure what is planned for tomorrow, may be get ready for Tuesday or get a few things from Taipei to take home.