Wider view of Taipei

Originally uploaded by Karl Roche.

This was taken from ChenTian (spell?) temple in Taipei County.

Great view across the rest of the county and Taipei although there is not a whole lot to see when you are at the temple you can take a nice walk down (rather than up – get a taxi) from Youngying MRT.

Been slack posting the last few days as it has been hot plus I don’t want to be on the pc all the time. Also we picked up our new glasses this week in Banciao so we went out a couple of times to sort that out.

Couple of days ago Phoebe and I went to Taipei 101 and today we went to Toayuan to see a Chinese furniture museum and a general mossey round.

Had a headache the rest of the day and ended up in bed before Phoebe. Just got up a couple of hours ago and had some milk. Back to bed and see what tomorrow holds.

Oh Ping is cooking pasta for the family tomorrow! Should be fun.