P-p-p-p-p-p-pick up a penguinMonday we all went to the zoo and this time too Chin-Chin.

Last year we went twice as the second time we met up with some people from England who were on hols at the same time.  Then the zoo was in the middle of some improvement works, thankfully that is all done now and the place looks great.  It is also the zoo’s 20th anniversary.

As you do, after buying your bento box outside for lunch we got the train to the top and sat outside the reptile house under  a palm tree.  It’s a little cooler up there but not much.

Took some photos of the two kids with some concrete penguins which were probably there last time but I don’t remember.  Thought this one looked quite cool – moody.

You can see a sign in the background which says no climbing, of course all the kids, with parents encouragement climb up the slope and have pictures taken with the penguins at the top.  Obviously the ones lower down are not good enough.

Hippo bites back

So we saw elephants, bison, macaques,  zebra and some bronze hippos in the concrete which were great fun for the kids, more so than most of the real animals which go on with sleeping.

Oh we did see a wolf, a couple of red pandas and a lynx, all of which was fantastic as we didn’t last time.  Got a good photo of one red panda with the zoo keeper.

As usual there are a few more photos on flickr about this.

Dinner was at Ding Tai Fung, in Xinyi, the most famous and best steamed dumplings in Taiwan.  People come from all over to eat here.  Many Japanese come here and many of the staff can speak English.  The menu is also in English.  We actually came here last time too, well once you have been you have to go again.  We had pork dumplings and prawn & pork dumplings, with steamed chicken soup and noodles.

If you stay for a few days in Taipei you must go to this place! But, it gets busy every night – after 6pm you could be waiting on the street with a number for a while.  To avoid the crush go just before dinner 4:30-5 should be fine.

Afterwards it was round the corner to Ice Monster and a giant ice mountain with mixed fruit and red beans.  Yummy way to finish the day off.