MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, TaipeiI’m fast losing track of time but I think it was Saturday afternoon we went off for a browse around central Taipei again – best left unplanned in my book, just stumbling across something is far more fun.

Camera looks like it is about to pack up. Wish I could say I was doing some contemporary art but I wasn’t. This is however, MOCA, the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Taipei. It was for this sort of place very interesting and not as mad as Tate Modern which I really can’t stand for the crowds.

I took a photo of a traditional breakfast shop as these are unique in Taiwan and supply good solid morning food and soya milk you can die for in England. Sorry but the cartons don’t taste the same after this hand made stuff.

Family shot

Sunday lunch

We went for teppanyaki for lunch at the local department store in Taiwan this Sunday. The babies were with their mothers so Mama Chin had some time off and Ken was going back to China the next morning. The meal was free as someone had some vouchers for FE21.

The food as usual was great, I had salmon, oysters, squid & prawns. This is believe is a Japanese way of cooking which is apt as we will be going there in a few days time.

In the same building is a funfair which was nearly impossible for us to drag Phoebe away from. The screams of delight when she first saw it were deafening.
Phoebe surprisingly eatsIndoor fun fairTaipei County Hall, BanqiaoSunday lunch - Teppanyaki

Later Ken and I went to Ximen and NOVO as he wanted to buy a new phone. Nokia N73 was the one he ended up with. Nice phone but I’m not sure I would spend 200pounds on a phone.