Feeding time on the farm
After the fun we had with the GPS Rainer has in his car I thought without it we may be better off, but it seemed that no-one looks at maps, much less than I do, with is saying something. Anyway, a 1 hour trip took almost 4 hours to get to the childrens farm.

Taiwans road system does seem confusing to me, roadsigns are used sparingly and don’t seem to indicate other destinations along the way, only the final one for that freeway – but then I can only read the English and don’t take much notice anyway, just stare out the window most of the time.

Seeing all the rice paddys is quite nice, makes a change from fields of wheat but I guess to people here it is pretty much the same thing, just wetter!

I know your cousinFeeding the goats at the farm was fun but Phoebe was scared at first then got right into it, telling the goats, “More!”

There were some pigs, rabbits and ducks too but that was it.

Oh, and Chin-chin was sick on me, which was nice.