A couple of days ago we took a trip to Yilan and the National Center for Traditional Arts with Eve (Ping’s sister) and her husband Rainer.

The place is nice enough although the thing that spoiled it was the hundred of 7-Eleven flags that were everywhere.

They must sponsor the place and pay for much of it’s running as I guess this place may not get too much in admission fee’s even though for a weekday in Taiwan it was busy.

The main building was for the food, cafe (Starbucks) and a (surprise) 7-Eleven. There was a row of shops that sold some Hakka style stuff, traditional looking toys. But if you want this sort of stuff I suggest you take a trip to Lukang, it is much better and more real.

Kuanghsiao HallThere was a temple and a couple of old houses and a group of traditional musicians that were really good. The last tune they played had a great intro, quite funky.

Later we drove to somewhere else – I’m not sure as I feel asleep in the car but the place is called something like Tofu Alley and it is in Taipei County.

Tofu laneOf course as soon as we arrived the heavens opened and spoiled things a little as we had a wander round after having dinner at one of the restaurants there.