Wednesday Phoebe and I went for a little walk into town by ourselves.

Get on the MRT was fine going into town but coming back was a bit of a nightmare as the schools were closing and it was really busy.

While we were out we just walked around looking in the shops and the foodstalls – wondering what the hell they were selling beyond, noodles, rice and funny shaped things that smell strange.

When you don’t have someone to read the signs for you, you realise what a foreign land you are in.
Mitsukoshi Building in Taipei from Ximen
Phoebe walked around the Red Play House Theater with my brolly having fun and she even took her first photo, which is probably an improvement on the other photos of me over the years.

If you don’t know, Ximen Ding is the place where loads of kids hang out. It has clothes shops, electronics and fashion items, it is a bit like a mainstream Camden with cinemas. What looks like a pedestrianised area isn’t. There are also some odd old boys milling around.

There are the usual bikes and cars which as usual spoils it. Seems people are willing to put up with it but I can’t help feeling that many places would benefit from having not motor vehicles allowed.