Sanyi shopYesterday Ping’s good friend, Paye, took us to Sanyi which is an hour or so from Taipei. When we got there we stopped at the local famous food shop, which was packed. The food was great but they liked you to eat up!

This small town is home to wood carving and has a row of shops down the main street selling Buddha’s, Guan Yins and Kuan Kongs etc. There are a few shops that sell some original stuff including some great furniture and doors.

Prices are good but I’m not sure how much the tax would be on this stuff, unless you get someone locally to send it for you – not the shop as that would be quite expensive.

Which one is Phoebe?We also popped up to a new temple, well it is an old temple but moved to a new place. It has a steady stream of visitors all day and has some of the nicest and most welcoming people.

Many temples can be a bit stand-offish, perhaps they see western people and just think you are there to take photos. Of course I took some but that wasn’t why we went.

DSCF0201When we got back to Taipei we went to Miramar which is a shopping complex that has a huge ferries wheel stuck on the side. It is a little smaller than London Eye but as it is perched from the 5 floor it is much higher up and the pods swing about! I can’t say I felt that safe as the pods were nothing like those on The Eye.