Softplay in Global Mall
Global Mall is just what it says it is, global brands and quite a few of them, including Mothercare. It is located not far from us in Jhonghe City.

On the 4th floor is a large play area for kids. You can buy a year membership if you like which is what Ping’s sister has.

We took Phoebe, Chin-Chin and Shang-Shang and when we went later at night for a second go we took Han-Han too.

It is quite large and Phoebe had a great time although she tends to wander away from the crowds and finds her own stuff to do, but likes me chasing her or chasing me around and jumping in one of the smaller ball pits and hiding.

Ping’s sister gave me her DVD cam to take some video so hopefully will get some of that on YouTube to show you soon.

Global Mall softplay

All along that same floor is just about every kidswear store you can think of and many you have not.

As it has only been open for a year it is still new and feels really nice, although these things tend to pop-up every year around Taipei, leaving the older ones to rot as people move on to the newest and greatest mall around.

Great place for kids though. Wish we had one in Sutton – the softplay that is not another mall.