Karl (me) and Phoebe on the boat from Danshui to Bali township

Yesterday we took the MRT from Banchiao station up to Danshui for a day by the river.

We have often driven through here on the way further north. It is a growing town which has lots of new developments and being near the river the air is a lot cleaner and fresher.

We walked around the historic area of Danshui which really means it is the oldest bit – this is a relative term, don’t expect St. Pauls. However there are loads of snacks and you should try the A-ghey which is lovely. They look a bit like baked potatoes at first but these tofu parcels are really tasty – well the sauce is.

Bali seasideLater we took the ferry (90 NT$ for all of us) over to Bali township, just over the river. Here you can hire a bike (NT$ 25 – 100) and ride up and down the river side and see some of the historic sites on this side which is more what you would expect, but be prepared to share the path with 100’s of others at the weekend. It is a good laugh though and Phoebe really had a great time.

There isn’t a whole load to do in Bali other than look at the river although some kids were playing on the small bit of seaside they have there. There are some places to visit around the headland but with Phoebe we didn’t really have the time.

View of Danshui from Bali township

There are a few ponies for kids to ride around in a circle and a little train ride which Phoebe seemed to like. The view over to Danshui is nice.

One of the main reasons people, especially young couples, go to Danshui is for the sunset – which being new the equator is fairly quick, none of this 2 hour stuff you get at home. The weather was good to us and we saw a really nice sunset by the river.

I took a few photos but as usual the best one was the first I think. This time of night it is really busy. I have seen some crowds in Taiwan but this was quite something.

Sunset at DanshuiThe view here is from Danshui and just to the left of the photo you can see the lights on Bali. The river really comes alive with many, many ferries making the crossing.

We then left to get some food in Danshui town which is quite similar to most places in Taiwan but less hectic than Taipei. Everywhere always seems a little friendlier than Taipei city.

We had Japanese hot pot buffet, eat as much as you can – which wasn’t much after eating all sorts of things all day long. Melon tea to wash it down was nice and Phoebe loved the oysters and yam.

Made a mental note to only go places where they have high chairs and in these places Phoebe goes a little crazy with excitement of all the people saying “hello” to everyone.

The whole meal for two including drinks and ice cream was just under 10 pounds (UK).
Danhui streets

On the way home Phoebe got really tired and upset and she wanted to run around the train when it was moving, one mum must have thought we were being hard on her and let her kid play – until she banged her head on a metal pole and soon sat her down crying.