well today it rained quite a bit – actually it poured down all night, proper heavy, banging on the roof rain – so today spent a fair amount of time in bed. Went for a lie down at 1pm and couldn’t wake up again until 4pm. Still tired now!

We did get out to see Ping’s second mum (sounds funny but she is just a woman that really like Ping when she was a kid) and dropped off some biscuits and things as a hello.

phoebe in park

In the evening, took Phoebe and Han-Han to the park in the evening after she stuffed herself silly at dinner time.  Chin-Chin didn’t eat much so stayed at home. People here, like home, have fallen into giving kids cake, biscuits and lots of sweets in the afternoon – usually about 30 mins before dinner, so they don’t eat dinner but still get fat.  People are certainly much bigger than even 4 years ago, especially the kids.  McDonalds is of course on many street corners.

Phoebe ran around silly for 30 mins until the drizzle started, after we had spoken to some kids and were kicking ball around.

Tomorrow we shall get out and about – it’s about time.  We will probably go to Zhonghe as there is stuff to do inside should the weather not be so great.