yes, you guessed it, we ended up missing our connection in Amsterdam as most KLM flights seemed to be late. People from all over Europe found themselves at the Amsterdam Ibis hotel, pushing up the Dutch tourist figures for 2006.

Somehow we ended up going from gate 2 to gate 12 for the plane at Heathrow, then we realised we were getting a bus to terminal 3 as the plane was out on the runway for some reason. This left us late – we only had 1hr 45 mins for the transfer and that time was vanishing fast. “Please see ground-staff for more information” was the message for about 15 connecting flights over the tannoy as we were about to land in Amsterdam. Well we had been in a hotel for the last 4 weeks!

We had met a load of Taiwanese and a Taiwanese/English couple with a small boy at Heathrow so we were all in the same boat (or plane) and headed up to the hotel together, grabbed our free food and drink and went to bed.

family groupMorning was another buffet breakfast, euro style, and then we headed into Amsterdam and walked around town for a while knowing that we had to be back pretty soon. Ping and Phoebe hadn’t been to Amsterdam before so it was a nice stopover and as it was all free it was quite nice for all of us, just seeing a city wandering around – especially as we have 4 weeks to spend in Taiwan, we hardly noticed a missing day. Our new friends, Simon, Su-Ping and Fernando (their 17 month old boy) had only two weeks of tightly planned relative visits to get in. Oh well.

So we were off to Seoul, Korea, which we had actually thought about going to but because of cost this time we decided against – what are the chances the flight would be late so we would miss our connection and getting another free holiday? None. We had time to walk down the long terminal, check-in, and queue.

What happened at the gate I couldn’t believe, a load of girls going back to Taiwan from a trip in Korea saw Phoebe playing with a little girl and were totally over the moon with her.

Phoebe meets her fans

They loved her and played and took photos of her for 20 mins while we waited for the plane.

The flight was short and by which time we were all warn out and I even fell asleep for a few mins after watching “Click” on the tv.

Temp – 28c, sunny with some cloud, fresh easterly wind.