For the second time this week the plumber has been unable to gain entrance to the flat above, so as to see where the water that is on the stack pipe may be coming from.

Two appointments had been made with the tenants.  Monday, no-one came to the door and today they said they had left a message on the property managers phone that they couldn’t make the meeting.  The girl upstairs, standing in her bed clothes, said they were going out and that no-one could come in.

Fantastic, thanks very much. For what we hope is a ten minute job it has taken over two weeks to get here and things still aren’t fixed.

Another appointment has been made for Friday 20th and this time the letting agency for the flat is coming with the keys. Surely this time we will have success….. not that it matters a great deal – we are off on holiday on Sunday.  I just hope the person that is looking after the place while we are away doesn’t get much crap.