Having spent all evening cleaning and waxing the wardrobe I got back to the hotel at 12 midnight. Had a quick shower and jumped into bed, very tired.

Within minutes the fire alarm started ringing. “What the hell?” The bell is not in the hall, it is right above the beds. You can’t fail to hear it – you can’t hear anything else.

Instinctively I just grab my shoes, keys and wallet off the table while Ping is wandering around. “You can’t tell it is a test Ping, just get some clothes on and let’s go.”

We stumble out into the hallway and some people are at their doors and look out bleary-eyed and then slam them shut – nice.

Ping is looking for something, “We haven’t got time for it – let’s go!”

“Ok, ok.” She replies, smiling.

We end up walking down the stairs and more people start coming out of their rooms, obviously they were sure this must have been a mistake, or they had a few in the bar earlier.

As we make our way into the lobby there are people in green hi-vis vests directing people outside into the carpark where we all gather in various states of dress… many smoking.

The fire brigade turn-up, lights and horns going and search the place to report back that the obvious lack of flames and smoke do indicate that there is nothing wrong – we try to get back to sleep. Phoebe has other ideas and has very loud dreams about biscuits, drawing and going out all night – 8am comes far to early.

Thankfully I check my emails early and findout that ADSL has been installed at the flat a day early – no drive to work.