Yes, last night I found water coming from the ceiling in the kitchen – no idea how long it had been coming through and I only found out because I was in a mood and looking for some keys.

This is now starting to feel like a cross between groundhog day and hell.  Will we ever move in? At the moment I feel like selling the damn place and packing it all in.

This after the weekend started so positively.  We went out on Saturday looking to make the most of the time to do some more work on other areas of the flat we hadn’t time for.  We changed the toilet and tiled the floor.  I stripped the wallpaper too.  We went out looking for a wardrobe and spotted one as we went to B&Q, in a house removals shop, just by the roadside, £145 for a solid pine, triple wardrobe and a set of drawers (3+2) £45 – whole lot for £180 – nice!

So now I have spoken to the builder, who cannot believe it.  Just called my solicitor to see what we can do re: compensation, so where decent to stay – hotel is killing us. Called the managing agents about the flat above and they still haven’t come back to me.  Luigi, the nice guy that owns it, is on hols in Italy – without him I have no hope and Bob Hope of getting this leak sorted.