The builder came today with his damp meter and said that the ceiling is still too wet to work, and so needs to dry out more.

I’m not sure I can stick this much longer – feel like I am going mad with the lack of sleep and ability to do anything you would normally expect in your own home.  I can’t face going in the flat at all right now with the giant de-humidifiers making such a noise.

If the work isn’t started soon it won’t be finished before we go on holiday which is just going to wreck it – I’ll just be worrying that someone is stealling my stuff and won’t be able to see what is being done to the bathroom.

The alternative is do the work that is needed to bring it back to where it would have been before the leak and then get the finishing work done when we return.  Coming back to a home without a bathroom after a 17 hour flight isn’t something I would look forward to though.