The builders who have been instructed to do the repairs arrived today and seem to know less about building than me.

Before one of them cut my shower to bits I had to stop him and tell him how to take it apart. At the moment they are struggling with the extractor fan which should be simple to remove.

Our Chinese builders are on another job and their boss (our friend) is getting married next week (well he is already married but their parents don’t know. Which is totally fair, none of this is their fault and it is an important day for them.

The Chinese builders for many reasons cannot give an official quote and so cannot take on the work which is a real shame because I don’t trust these guys at all. They seem unable to do the simplest thing and I’m guessing the bathroom will fall apart when they leave with a fat cheque from the insurance company.

Why is it that English trades people so often show themselves up? I know not all, as the heating guy we had was fantastic, but then the company he contracted for doesn’t take any shit.

They are now off for a ciggie.

Apparently they are to take up the carpet yet haven’t looked behind the floor units in the kitchen to see what damage has been done to the wall or the units themselves.

I probably should do this all my self.