I haven’t been on -line much lately due to the move and then the flooding of our flat.

We are now all staying in a local hotel, and although the breakfast is great it is like having two lives and being unable to get on with either.

The flood, well leak was in relative terms quite small but enough to damage my bathroom to the point where it looks like it will be stripped back to the wall.  I just can’t face this as it was hard enough getting here.  I want to be at home a be in our bathroom.

The exhaustion from completing all the last minute work and details has finally got to me – with no end in sight.. it will be in the next month but that is not soon enough, no date set.  I was ready for a couple of weeks of living out of bin liners while we get wardrobes and sort out stuff we no longer need or want but this is too much.

As the kitchen also now needs work, something we really didn’t want to do but some work is needed because of the second leak we can’t really buy a cooker, fridge or washing machine as it will just be in the way and need moving (or get damaged) while they do the repairs, whenever that will be.

Quite honestly I feel shit, the whole thing is shit and it is having a negative effect on home life, my wife and daughter.

Work is picking up again after the summer slow down and just at the wrong time.