After two coats

After two coats,
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Well after much worry, because I had no idea what I was doing the floor looks pretty good, considering.

There are some rough bits, there are some gouges from the sander, although not bad.

The main floor sander was easy to use but the edge sander is a back braker.

After sanding all over a couple of times – one rough and one more gentle, I filled all the main gaps with mix and fill (glue and sawdust) and then let that dry overnight and filled in any that sunk in the morning. More pictures of that on my flickr.

Next day sanded down the whole floor again, running over and bits I missed the first time or wasn’t happy with. After that it was time to let the dust settle – literally.

When the dust has fallen hoover and white spirit the floor and wait to dry.

Once dry it was on with the first coat of varnish (Ronseal DiamondHard, Clear Satin) which takes more the first time as so much of it sinks in to the dry wood.

Second coat went on after a couple of hours and left the windows open and for the first time sat out on the balcony and had my dinner which Ping had made me. Lovely evening for it too.

Next morning I was on my hands and knees again sanding it with 240 paper to flat the raised grain a little. Followed by another hoover and wet rag time all over.

By this time I was in need of back surgery and two new knees. Not forgetting that I had a hangover from the mix and fill which is enough for even the hardest glue sniffer.

Well after the warm summer/autumn day dried the floor nice a quickly it was down with the last coat of varnish, followed by more hanging around on the balcony – as it was the only place to be as I painted myself out of the front door.

Total cost was about £190 which is good as a new wooden floor would have been around £660 for the same room size (22m sq) and I don’t think I would have had the same satisfaction either.

Sorry, can’t stay here longer.. need my bed.