Bedroom 1 floor goes down

Bedroom 1 floor goes down,
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Good lord I’m tired.

The floor is down in both bedrooms and I will get a sander for the frontroom and hall.

Also added a light for the dining area and bought a bargain in B&Q for the lounge light.

Getting rid of the rubbish is starting to be a problem now. I tried to drip feed it into the bins for the flats but now all the carpets are up in the lounge it would fill most of them – even though they are those huge industrial one used by hospitals.

I also bumped into Carlos the caretaker, who said he empties our internal bin everyday! As we don’t have access to the rubbish shot, being on the ground floor they provide a bin in one of the cupboards in the lobby.

One thing living on the ground floor here, you soon meet everyone. I think they are also interested in what you are doing. Phoebe loves waving at the other kids and saying hello to all the people.

Thankfully so far our neighbours above have been quiet. Sorry for them, we haven’t and it will be worse tomorrow – but hopefully that will be it until we can afford to do the kitchen up in a few months (or years).