Well not quite but he was being filmed when he died and now the BBC is asking would you watch it.

On the whole it seems people don’t want to watch it because it is an intrusion or sick or not right or “why are you asking this? NO!”

Is it an intrusion? sickly? voyeurism? I don’t think it is any of these things, it’s just life or the end of it.

Why should one part of life be hidden from everyone? We walk around our streets, roads and fields hardly ever seeing death (yuck a dead rabbit) and because of that we have lost compassion for each other – we don’t see that we are just flesh and bone, we decay, we die and sometimes we get killed – but we will die. We don’t think, one day I will die, that person I spoke to will die, my parents will die, my friends will die, everyone I know will die and we usually don’t know when.

People with incurable disease sometimes seem to have been given a gift as they often cannot think of anything else and live every minute instead of thinking, “I’ll do that tomorrow.” I don’t want a disease but that enlightened state of mind is something to aim for.

Back to this video… Talking about tv is a red herring, that is just a tool for the story. If you object to this being on tv you should throw it away (your tv) and never watch it again. Cop shows ok for you? Is simulated death supposed to be ok? A fake, a copy, a lie. As long as it is in good taste.

Go to your local hospital, hospice, care home, you will see death close up.
I never really go into Steve but I have huge admiration for someone that really lived life the way he did. He did some much for wildlife and animals. Created things – he didn’t destroy them like some world “leaders.”

We should pay Steve the tribute of watching his death and taking time to think what that means to us all.