The builders have arrived to start work on our flat. They got here at 10pm and will be staying over at the flat while they do the work – you can think of all the benefits this brings for yourself.

I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now especially as our friend Eddie, who brought them over, said, “Don’t panic, they break things first and tell you how big they need.” Eddie is from Hong Kong and one of the funniest people I know, which is made even funnier with his Jackie Chan style delivery – a natural humor you tend to only see in the east.

The other good news is that my Mum is going to add a little to the pot for our fridge, freezer and cooker. This is really good as I know we will probably go over our budget on repairs even though I have set aside 15% extra and dropped some “nice to have” projects and simplified others so I can try and get the basics fixed, such as some rotten wood, fix the walls and sand the floor.

3 weeks on Friday we have to move out.